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We believe the best way to serve our clients is to build a strong relationship based on trust and good communication so we use no intermediaries, translators or interpreters, just you and your attorney, deciding your legal matters.  

We represent a diverse client base, ranging from individuals and families, to start-up businesses and multinational corporations.   Our multilingual and multicultural staff is readily accessible and responsive, to ensure that client’s concerns and objectives are fully addressed.

We are known for delivering innovative and effective solutions to meet the U.S. and global business needs, including expanding global operations or transferring employees to the United States.


Our knowledge and experience working in both legal systems, enables us to interpret, explain and translate the legal terminology to our clients; helping them throughout the legal process.  In addition, not having a language barrier ensures that document review and drafting is never misinterpreted or lost in translation.


We work with clients to help them understand their legal options, grow their business and expand with a “preventive law” approach.  We strive to provide the quality of legal representation that a client deserves.


Because Immigration Law is federal, our office represents individuals and businesses throughout the United States and before U.S. embassies and consulates globally.  Our office can serve your U.S. immigration needs regardless of where you are located in the United States or anywhere in the world.


We are dedicated to a personalized collaborative approach in the delivery of legal services.  We leverage all our resources to achieve the best results for our clients.

To better excel in our services and according to the client needs we associate with other attorneys to help you find effective and creative solutions to your legal issues, including:

Our network can help you reach a swift and beneficial solution for your assets and avoid litigations or conflicts.

LANGUAGES  (written and spoken)

English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.