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O-1 Visa: Extraordinary ability or achievements in Science, Art, Education, Business or Atlhetics

Visa L-1 Ejecutivos, Gerentes  o Técnicos con conocimientos especializados


An O visa is a non-immigrant visa is available to an applicant who possesses an internationally or nationally renowned ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics and wishes to work temporarily in the US. The visa permits the applicant to continue working only in his area of extraordinary talent. O-1A visas are also available to chefs, carpenters, lecturers, medical clinicians, management consultants, IT professionals and other unusual professionals.  We request that you provide a detailed copy of curriculum vitae or resume of the candidate, in order to provide a realistic assessment of the prospect for an O visa.


Employee Requirements

The following evidence is necessary to prove an individual is extraordinary in its field of endeavor:

It is essential that the area of special expertise be clearly explained, defined and articulated for a lay person to understand. Additionally, it is critical to obtain a diversity of institutional letterheads to documents the candidate’s distinction (awards, most significant contributions, distinctions, media coverage, achievements, membership in distinguished society, judge or evaluation the work of others).

TIMING ISSUES: The O-1 visa is limited to a maximum duration of three years, renewable and extendable for one year at a time, as long as the employment continues and the presence of the professional is required. The individual must have an employer sponsor the petition for the O visa, and the employer may also in the future, sponsor the individual for permanent residency in the United States.

FAMILY:  An O-1's spouse and child are admitted as O-3, for the same length of stay and subject to the same limits as the principal O-1.